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How much do locals pay for Piñon Nuts?

This $20 ziplock sandwich baggie of Piñon that street vendors sell normally is a half pound (8 ounces). I stuffed this bag to the point where you can not put any more in and it weighed 10.9 ounces


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Shown above on the scale in the picture is the $20 dollar "1/2 pound standard" sandwich sized zip lock bag of Pinon nuts. This is normally a half pound (8 ounces) or $40.00 a pound. This bag in the picture is stuffed full to the point that it could not hold more and still close and is 10.9 ounces which would be about $30.00 a pound. You can tell that it is stuffed cause the sides are coming in from the corners to make room for the height. Usually the bag is full and not stuffed - just full - and is a half pound. (or almost $40 a pound.) Now that you see that we are as good a deal as a roadside vendor - Order from us and you will know who you seller is from now on...

Buying Piñon nuts from the man down the road is a tradition here in New Mexico. The vendors here sell it by the bag. The bag prices range from $5 to $20 on the roadside table. The smaller the bag the higher the per pound price. The small $2 & $5 bag are $40 a pound.

What factors go into the price?

Piñon nuts burn easily. The roaster takes the risk... any one who has cooked pinon nuts has burned pinon nuts - You are paying the roaster for the work.

Pinons lose weight when they are roasted... So there is more pinon in a bag of roasted than raw.

Pinon nuts are a hand harvested wild crop and are harvested on average once every 3-7 years as the ol' timers say. Piñon nuts are rare. Supply and demand work out the price.

Above is an example of one pound in a bag
versus the ziplock sandwich baggie sized bag.


We slow oven roast, and the flavor is outstanding - so you don't have come to New Mexico for great authentic roasted Pinon nuts - or risk burning it buy roasting it yourself.. Just try our pinon nuts once.. You'll see.

Our Pinon is cleaned and slow oven roasted in a process we think is second to none.


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