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Our Company

The New Mexico Piñon Nut Company has been selling directly to the public longer than any NM distributor.

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Our Pinon is cleaned and slow roasted in a process we think is second to none. We are so confedent that our process is superior we invite you to compare our product to anyone elses. With years of roasting experience and specialized custom roasting equipment we hear compliments on how flavorful our roasted piñon nuts are all the time. In addition, our roasted piñon is as clean as piñon can be. We take an extra step to clean the roasted piñon in addition to cleaining and washing the traditional ways that other people do, & only we do this.

Before selling over the Internet, the New Mexico Pinon Nut Company sold pinon nuts throughout the southwest to stores and vendors. If you purchased pinon nuts from a roadside vendor or a grocery store in New Mexico or out of state, our paths might have crossed already.

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