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...Selling Piñon nuts online in NM longer than anyone else.

Order Fresh 2015 Crop New Mexico Piñon Nuts From the oldest Pinon online retailer here!

2015 CROP FORECAST - Good crop in 2015, some areas with BIG Pinon...
we are harvesting from these areas for our customers.

Buy fresh, delicious New Mexico piñon nuts direct from the New Mexico Piñon Nut Company right here! We only sell authentic Piñon nuts from New Mexico - the number one pine nut in the world.

If you have ever tasted that creamy, toasted, butter nut flavor, you remember how delicious they really are - especially when compared to other varieties of pine nuts...

This website in addition to being a place to order delicious pinon nuts is also a source of information about them. You can learn how to roast them, and find out fun facts. If you would like to read about flavor differences of different varieties, click on "about piñon nuts"

If you need detailed information, after you read the F. A Q. page, go to our links page and you will probably find your answer there. If you need more information than that - please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Pinon nuts are hand gathered from most recent local harvest.

We sell only 100% New Mexico Piñon nuts - the premium Pine nut - the most desired pine nut on Earth.

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