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The Piñon Man's Celebrating 30 years as a NM Corporation!!

New Mexico Piñon Nut Co, llc
The ONLY A+ rated piñon co by the BBB
#1 rated piñon seller by the BBB
#1 likes & reviews on Facebook

FRESH CROP Piñon Nuts!

You know how large these pinons are if you bought from us this season

Stock up before the prices go higher!
PS - Be careful of who you order from this year- Mr. "Mixer" got stuck with a ton of the small ones from 3 years ago. We have heard complaints about rancid small ones mixed in on what he is selling.

All order & tracking info is emailed to you.
Check your e-mail for "your order has shipped" & Track with a click!
We only gather from areas with the largest piñons every season

Thanks for your help with piñon project to plant once deforested southwestern ranch lands!
Looks like someone bought a pound an planted one pinon per acre for 10 square miles on top of Taos Mesa! - almost a thousand 4 year old piñons have speckled the once
barren mesa!
Plant a piñon seed & watch it grow like a weed!
Pines bring rain! Rain brings game!

2023 Pinon Harvest forcast. There will be a small crop this year due to very light moisture.
Update - There was a small crop as forcasted.

2021 Piñon Harvest recap - due to last years La Niña record drought - many areas had no cones. There were some cones with empties. No harvest. in 21 or 22

2020 21 22 Piñon Harvest recap in case you missed it.
Due to lack of spring and summer rains -
half the crop died on the trees.
there were areas with larger Piñons, & other areas had small ones in 2020 - none since - We bot the big ones of 2020..

(Read our reviews!)

Thank you Mayor Martin Chavez for your big order!

THANK You for 4800 likes & reviews you can read here!
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WE are the ONLY A+ rated piñon seller by the BBB
#1 rated Pinon seller with a A+BBB rating & #1 on Facebook!
Thats why we are quoted on Channel 7 and in the papers for our harvest forecast every season!

Make sure you see the pinon man on any webite you order from there is one who loves to confuse and pretend they are us.
If they don't list a telephone number / contact info.... They have an All sales final policy.
If you need assistance regestering complaints to the consumer fraud division of the NM Attorney Generals office
please call us and we can help!

E mail list: pinonnut@gmail.com

100x more than our all our competitors combined! (Why don't they use a real name or address?!)
Click here to read before you buy from anyone!

Remember if you pick pinon, or buy raw.. please plant a seed...
Reforest the southwest again
for the pinon project!
When you drive and see 3 trees all by them selves : ) it might have been me!

New Mexico Piñon Nut Company, llc
Read about us! In the last year we appeared in:
New Mexico Magazine, Albuquerque Magazine, Santa Fe New Mexican, Durango Herald, Arizona Republic
NM Channel 4 & 7 News & Abq Univision news!
AAA SW Magazine - More, Much more.

For phone orders call (505) 288-8500
email pinonnut@gmail.com

Buy fresh, delicious New Mexico piñon nuts direct from the New Mexico Piñon Nut Company right here!
We sell authentic Piñon nuts from New Mexico - the number one pine nut in the world.

If you have ever tasted that creamy, toasted - buttery - nutty flavor, you can never forget how that flavor explodes
when fresh roasted right!. We roast it right - not light.

This website - in addition to being a place to order delicious piñon nuts - is also a source of information.
You can learn how to roast, or learn factual information about pinon nuts.

If you need detailed information, even after you read the F. A Q. page, go to our links page.

Our Piñon is always hand gathered.
We always sell out, our crop is always the most recent harvest.

We sell only 100% New Mexico Piñon nuts - the premium Pine nut.

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