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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Is there a 2012 crop? Yes, a small one.

Was there a 2011 crop? Not a signifigant crop, We chose not to sell - the taste was off and it wassmall and not gathered from New Mexico....

Was there a 2010 crop? No.

Was there a good crop of Piñon in 2008? It did snow in the main picking areas early (before Christmas). There was a ton of snow, 3 blizzards in a row. Despite the harvesting ending early, there was a decent crop that year.. 2009 was ok but an early blizzard cut the harvest short.

Why are pinon nut scarce? Pinon nuts take time to form and many things can happen in the time between cone formation and harvest. The cones themselves take 2 years to mature. There is a saying in New Mexico... "once every seven years a good crop comes along..." The ol' timers were not kidding. Another reason was piñon tree the die off 10-15 years ago. After an extended drought there was a 20 percent die off of pinon trees in some areas.

Are fresh Pinon nuts better? Our company sells more during the fall harvest season then the rest of the year combined. People prefer them fresh, period.

Why are Pinon nuts more expensive than other pine nuts? Pinon nuts are the most desired variety of pine nut, supply and demand work out the retail price. People gather them literally by hand. There is no mechanized harvester used. New Mexico Piñon nuts do taste delicious... After roasting, the toasted buttery creamy flavor is addictive. Euell Gibbons author of "Handbook of Edible Wild Plants" described pinon nuts "The most palatable of all the wild foods."

Do Nevada pine nuts taste like New Mexico Pinon nuts? No - they do not. Nevada pine nuts come from a different species. New Mexico Pinon nuts come from the species Edullis - this means edible in Latin. The Nevada pine nuts have a stronger pine taste. If you ere raised with Nevada pine nuts, you probably prefer them.

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